Jarrett Iannotti: Network & Computer Security

Name: Jarrett Iannotti

Hometown: Glenville, NY

Major: Network & Computer Security

Minor: Computer Science

Graduation Year: 2022

Jarrett is currently working for Booz Allen Hamilton, a government contract fir based in Washington, DC. He is currently working at their regional office on the former Griffis Airforce base in Rome, NY.

Why did you choose SUNY Poly?

One of my relatives had high praise for the school, and it seemed like a great value considering the price it costs to come here. When I toured, I also liked the design of the campus, with its hiking trails and forests surrounding the students and buildings.

Why did you choose your major? What do you enjoy most about it?

I had always been very interested in computers since I had been a child and always knew I would be doing something with them, but I didn’t really know what it’d be specifically. But when LizardSquad DDOSed all the Xbox and PlayStation gaming servers on Christmas Day 2014, it ignited a passion for Cybersecurity that led me to Poly.

What is your relationship like with your professors?

I have had great experiences with all of the Network and Computer Security professors. It is a very personable experience here where you can email or talk to professors at almost any time and they’ll remember who you are, which goes a long way. I was also excited to learn of the professors’ past experiences, with many adjuncts working for reputable companies in positions I would want to work towards after graduating.

What has been your favorite class at SUNY Poly?

Penetration Testing was a great class. We joined a Bug Bounty program hosted by HackerOne to test real companies’ websites for security violations. We went through the attacker mindset in our offensive operations and learned how to develop detailed documentation and reports while also learning tools hackers use to exploit website misconfigurations and vulnerabilities.

Is there an impactful academic experience that stands out to you?

Leading the Network and Computer Security Club has been a great experience at SUNY Poly. Organizing the first SUNY Poly Hackathon was a great experience, where I worked with students to skill up for the CNY Hackathon and the possibility of a NCAE Cyber Games exhibition team.

Jarrett Iannotti providing instructions during the 1st Annual SUNY Poly Hackathon

Have you completed an internship or student research?

Through alumni connections and the SUNY Poly job fair, I managed to obtain a position working for Booz Allen Hamilton, a very large government contracting firm based out of Washington, D.C. I interned at the Air Force Research Laboratory in Rome, NY this past summer, assisting in the testing and development of classified network communications systems for government communication and various other military applications.

Best experience at SUNY Poly?

Participating in the CNY and SUNY Poly Hackathons was a great experience. I’m looking forward to volunteering to organize these events in the future with the other SUNY Poly alumni who founded them.

What are you going to miss most about your time on campus?

I’m very proud of the progress made in the Network and Computer Security Club, and graduation will be very bittersweet leaving the club in the hands of those I trained to keep it going throughout the years.