Faculty Profile: Brent McCallum, Accountancy

Dubai, Thailand, Mexico, Cyprus, Vietnam, Chile, France, and the Netherlands.

Brent McCallumThose are but a handful of countries and locales Brent McCallum, CPA, has visited over the course of his long and distinguished career, earning the SUNY Poly Assistant Professor of Accounting the apt nickname Mr. Worldwide.

“I began as a Psychology major at San Diego State University. After obtaining my B.A., I ended up going into teaching which led me to obtain an additional degree in Education at the University of Maryland. I found my passion for teaching but also felts a sense of not fully utilizing my math and business management capabilities. During the recession of the early 1990s, I ultimately decided to return to school one more time and earn my Master of Science in Accounting—just like many students do here at SUNY Poly.”

Also like many college students, Mr. McCallum found himself unsure of what he ultimately wanted to do with his career. As he explored different outlets, he discovered he had a passion for both teaching and accounting – two paths that he continues to find great satisfaction in to this day.

“Regardless of the economic state of the country, accounting is a field in which everyone is constantly busy and allows for stable work. Even during so-called bad times, accountants work in real estate investment trusts and workouts. During good times, transaction work predominates.  Alongside accounting, teaching has allowed me to help cultivate young, motivated minds that are prepared to begin and enhance their careers upon graduating.”

He spent the greater part of two decades teaching in Dubai before returning to the United States and joining SUNY Poly.

“I was drawn to the beautiful Adirondack Mountains and Utica’s proximity to them. This location is magnificent and very reminiscent of British Columbia, an area where I spent many summers admiring nature and hiking. I was also drawn to the efforts to grow the area, which is an excellent sign of economic growth and development.”

Knowing there are many students in the same position he was – unsure of the path to take, unclear on what they want for their career, Professor McCallum offers the versatility of the accounting field as a consideration that can take a student across fields and industries.

“Accounting is an all-weather profession and wherever where one goes, it is necessary for all types of businesses. At the end of the day, it is an excellent career and has a welcoming close-knit community.”