Health Informatics

HI 520            Standardized Code Sets and Medical Terminologies (3)

Practical overview of methods and tools for creating, acquiring, representing, and classifying health information. Topics covered include clinical classifications/terminology systems and biomedical ontologies. Survey of health information exchange standards and approaches to data mapping. Overview of health care delivery, human factors, and socio-technical systems.

 HI 530            Computational Methods in Health Informatics (3)

Methods of extracting, merging, organizing, processing, analyzing, and visualizing health data, information, and knowledge. A practical overview of biostatistics in health informatics to support medical decision making. Introduction to network analysis, including topics in sampling strategies, community detection, and centrality measures.

HI 540            Human-Technology Interaction in Health Care (3)

Practical Overview of techniques in integrating technology into patient care. Exploration of current trends and historical perspectives of human-technology interaction in healthcare. Application of principles of user interface designs and evaluation techniques in healthcare. Examination of methods for assessing usability of technology in healthcare. Review of hardware, software, and peripherals in clinical care.

HI 550            Health Information Exchange (3)

In-depth review of standards for health information exchange (HIE) and security in clinical information systems. Main topics include authentication, authorization, encryption, access control, and integrity. Other topics relate to computer networks, communications protocols, client-servers architecture, and cybersecurity policies and procedures as they pertain to health information.

 HI 610            Databases and Knowledge Discovery in Health Care (3)

Overview of system development life cycle and prototyping methods. Practical approaches to assessing user needs in health care, data modeling, normalization, structured query language (SQL), data warehousing, and data mining. Review of NoSQL techniques for information storage, retrieval, and presentation practices to support clinical decisions and policy making in health care. Investigation of data transformation, patterns recognition, and knowledge discovery techniques in health care.

HI 620            Information Governance in Health Care (3)

Exploration of information governance theories and methods. Survey of policies and procedures for managing the complex infrastructure of electronic health record (EHR) systems and health information exchanges (HIE) networks. Topics include operational and risk management of computerized order entry, results management, documentation, release of information, and decision support systems. Overview of compliance and standards for privacy, confidentiality, security, and interoperability in EHR systems and HIE networks.

HI 699            Leadership Seminar in Health Informatics (3)

A seminar to provide practical observation and participation in the discussions and potential solutions to current issues in health informatics. Real-world cases are reviewed and collaborative problem solving techniques are presented. Guest speakers discuss fundamentals of leadership behaviors and best practices in health informatics.