BLW 570     Business Law, Ethics, and Intellectual Property Rights (3)

Designed to provide the student with the legal environment of business transactions including court structure and procedure, contracts, sales, commercial paper, secured financing, and property transactions. Covers the ethical aspects of business with particular emphasis to intellectual property (IP) rights as they relate to technology innovation and high technology environments.  The IP issues which will be addressed include copyrights, patents, trademarks, software, domain names, licenses, royalties, and business processes.

BUS 505     Multinational Economics of Technology (3)

Managerial economics is the application of economic theory and methodology to decision-making problems encountered by public and private institutions in a multinational setting and within the framework of technology innovation.  Emphasis is on the identification and selection of alternative means of obtaining given objectives as efficiently as possible.  It is a special branch of economics bridging the gap between abstract theory and managerial practice.  Areas of study will include managerial economics and economic theory, statistical and econometric applications, demand, supply, markets, costs, profits and government and business.

 BUS 595     MBA Internship (3)

Internship placements provide students with a field experience related to their academic preparation enabling them to apply classroom instruction to the work site.  Students are placed with an organization related to their major and specific area of interest to work along with, and be proctored by, experienced professionals.  These are opportunities that cannot be duplicated in the classroom environment and provide an excellent transition into the field.