Mandatory Comprehensive Student Fee

The Comprehensive Student Fee supports programs not provided by tuition dollars or state subsidy that enrich the quality of a student’s total experience at SUNY Poly. All components of the Comprehensive Student Fee are mandatory. The typical Comprehensive Student Fee supports activities at the following levels:

12+ Credit Hours 1-11 Credit Hours
(Per Semester) (Per Credit Hour)
College Fee $12.50 .85¢
Intercollegiate Athletics $231.50 $19.30
Student Activities $125.00 (Utica)
$105.00 (Albany)
$10.42 (Utica)
$8.75 (Albany)
Health Services $149.00 $12.45
Technology Applications $156.00 $13.00
Total: $674.00 (Utica)
$654.00 (Albany)
$56.02 (Utica)
$54.35 (Albany)

The College Fee is established by the Board of Trustees of the State University of New York.

The Student Activities Fee provides the funding for activities sponsored for the students, under the direction of the students’ governing bodies.

The Intercollegiate Athletics Fee provides funding to operate and sustain competitive intercollegiate athletics programs at the campus. It is not a fee for use of athletic facilities by the students.

The Health Services Fee is used to support the services provided by the Health Center. Students must provide a health history and physical examination to be eligible for routine medical care.

The Technology Fee is used to upgrade, modify and make significant technological advances in classrooms and laboratories used by SUNY Poly students.