MKT 505       Marketing Management (3)

Emphasizes a managerial approach in marketing decision making in the modern technology environment.  Topics in this course include the marketing mix, marketing problem solving through case analysis, marketing strategy concepts and tools, and development of a strategic marketing plan.  Students learn these topics and many other relative subjects through teamwork and course projects.


MKT 510       Marketing Survey Design and Data Analysis (3)

Provide prospective managers with an understanding of marketing survey procedures and data analysis techniques.  Various quantitative and strategic approaches in marketing are introduced and applied in case studies and problem solving.  Topics of this course include:  formulation of marketing survey design, comparison of survey designs, preparation of marketing data, quantitative techniques of marketing decision analysis, managerial aspects of coordinating survey projects, and the implementation of derived strategy.  Prerequisite:  MKT 505.


MKT 578       Marketing for Entrepreneurs (3)

The Entrepreneurial Marketing course focuses on the key marketing strategies relevant for new venture initiation in small and growing organizations.  The special challenges and opportunities involved with developing marketing strategies, and the identification of entrepreneurial opportunities from emerging trends in marketing practice.  Consistent with the entrepreneurship concentration mission, emphasis is placed upon quantitative and qualitative argumentation and communication that support entrepreneurial marketing’s needs for innovative solutions.  These frequently require inexpensive and innovative yet valid approaches to identifying customer needs and conducting marketing research along with the design of creative approaches to marketing communications.  Prerequisites: MKT 505, ENT 575.


MKT 652    Sales Management (3)

Presents the techniques for delivery of effective selling in business-to-business situations and explores the components necessary to achieve effective management of the sales function.  Included within this presentation is exploration of the sales function, the duties and necessary skill set for effective B2B selling, training, and selection decisions in sales management, the role of negotiation and forecasting in sales management, and ethical and legal issues confronted in the B2B sales environment.  Prerequisite:  MKT 505.


MKT 654    Services Marketing Management (3)

Introduces students to the challenges and innovative strategies that are ubiquitous to the marketing of services.  Topics covered in this course include commonalities and differences between goods and services, the critical role of customer contact employees in service delivery, customer relationship management, the design and execution of the service delivery process, measurement and management of service outcomes, and the emerging roles of globalization and technology in service provision.  Prerequisite:  MKT 505.