Human Resource Management

HRM 518       Human Resource Management (3)

Manage human resources more effectively improving analysis and planning.  Focus on the development of state-of–the-art systems which support basic business objectives, as well as foster good working relations between employees and managers.


HRM 615       Labor Relations (3)

A complete understanding of the history and development of labor management relations is critical for managers in both union and non-union organizations.  Places special emphasis on the behavioral and economic underpinnings which set the stage for labor management relations in today’s work settings.  The structure, process and institutional framework within which these relations occur are also studied.  Prerequisite:  HRM 518.


HRM 620       Compensation (3)

Often referred to as one of the most important elements of the work place environment, the subject of compensation is examined in this course across a broad spectrum.  Current theories, models and concepts are presented and analyzed in an effort to provide the basis for development of an equitable and effective pay system.  Key topics included are motivation theory, performance appraisal, legal bases for pay and internal and external pay equity.  Prerequisite:  HRM 518.  Cross listed with MGT 320.


HRM 650       Human Resource Information Systems (3)

The need to integrate human resource management with the overall stream of strategic decisions and techniques demands the support of a current and responsive human resource information system.  Although the course recognizes that human resource information systems can run the gamut from paper and pencil manual systems to the most sophisticated mainframe systems, the emphasis is on microcomputer applications to which the student will be able to relate based on the comprehensive course curriculum.  Concepts developed in the course focus on bridging the needs of the most senior executives in an organization