Health Services Administration

HSM 500        Health Care Systems (3)

Health care delivery in the United States is a dynamic, evolving and extremely complex system comprised of myriad providers and payers.  The system is further complicated by significant government involvement in both delivery and payment.  It is also important for the health professional to understand the biostatistics that measure a population’s health; and the utilization statistics that measure its use of health care.  This course will address the multiple components of the health care delivery system, the rationale for its’ patterns and practices and the basic statistics necessary to access and measure its utilization.


HSM 522        Nursing Home Administration (3)

Aging of the United States population has expanded the need for long-term care services.  This course will examine the nursing home as an integral part of the long-term continuum.  This course is intended to provide the foundation necessary for students preparing for an internship and subsequent careers as nursing home administrator.


HSM 525        Health Care Marketing/Strategic Planning (3)

Decision-making, relative to facility planning and financial integrity, has become extremely complex in the health care field.  Health care marketing is one of the tools available to the health professional that provides guidance and support to these efforts.  This course will address many of the planning and marketing variables that should be addressed, as well as how to coordinate these activities.  Prerequisites:  HSM 500 and HSM 535.


HSM 535        Financial Management for Health Care Organizations (3)

Students will acquire a working knowledge of cash flow projections, budgeting, cost accounting and control evaluation techniques for not-for-profit organizations.  Case study analysis and presentations will be the primary instructional methods.  Students will learn to use an electronic spreadsheet to assist in analyzing case studies.  An extensive accounting case analysis problem involving a not-for-profit entity will be assigned.  Students will be required to submit an in-depth written report, which will reflect this organization’s financial viability.  Prerequisites:  HSM 500 and ACC 201 or its equivalent.