Accelerated BS/MS Programs for Professional Registered Nurses

This program offers qualified registered nurses the opportunity to earn both the BS and MS in Nursing within a shortened time frame. The curriculum combines elements of the BS program with the MS program and streamlines the BS program by substituting several traditional nursing courses with select accelerated courses. Full-time study is required to proceed through the program at an accelerated pace. Part-time study is only available to students transferring in sufficient number of credits to complete the baccalaureate component within one year. Students have the option of selecting from two graduate specialty areas of concentration: Nursing Education, or Family Nurse Practitioner. At the end of the Accelerated BS/MS programs, the successful graduate will be eligible to seek National certification. The RN to BS/MS student will receive both BS and MS degrees upon program completion.

Students requesting admission to the Accelerated RN to BS/MS Program must meet the following requirements:

  • Hold an associate’s degree with a major in nursing from an accredited program, with a minimum 3.2 GPA (on a 4.0 scale) for at least the last 30 hours of undergraduate course work.
  • Be currently licensed as a Registered Professional Nurse in New York State.
  • Have completed the equivalent of one year of work experience as a registered nurse (at least 2000 hours).

Degree Requirement Overview for Accelerated Programs:

  • Continued matriculation in the Accelerated RN to BS/MS programs requires maintenance of a GPA of 3.00 for all courses taken at SUNY Poly.
  • A student must also maintain a GPA of 3.00 in all graduate nursing courses.
  • Graduate students can apply only two “C” grades in courses taken towards the degree. In addition, graduate students may repeat a total of three nursing courses that count towards graduation; each of these courses may only be repeated once.
  • For NP students – A“C” grade will only be acceptable towards degree requirements in common nursing core courses: NUR 500, NUR 503, NUR 531 and NUR 560.
  • Students with an average GPA of less than 3.00 will be placed on academic probation in the program. Students with less than a “B” (3.0) in graduate nursing courses will be placed on academic probation. Students who are on academic probation for any two semesters or who have a GPA of less than 2.50 will be academically dismissed from the Accelerated BS/MS program.
  • Students who are academically dismissed or choose not to complete the Accelerated BS/MS program, and whose performance constitutes satisfactory performance in the undergraduate program, will be placed in the baccalaureate RN to BS program. If these students have satisfactorily completed the accelerated courses in Nursing Theory (2 credits), Nursing Research (2 credits), and/or Nursing Leadership (1 credit) a directed study will be available for those students to complete course requirements of the baccalaureate program of study. In addition, the exemptions from Culminating Seminar (2 credits) will be invalid, and the student will be required to complete these courses for the baccalaureate degree requirement.
  • Up to 12 credits in select graduate nursing courses can simultaneously apply to the BS and MS degrees. See Department of Nursing & Health Professions for selection.
  • Students must complete all undergraduate courses and a total of 124 credits to be awarded a BS with a major in nursing.
  • Residence requirement for the RN to BS/MS programs is 57 hours;
  • Graduate status begins at the 2nd fall term in the student’s program of study.
  • Upon completion of the accelerated program, both BS and MS degrees will be conferred.
  • Students must successfully complete a comprehensive exam for the MS Education and MS FNP Programs.
State University of New York (SUNY) policy prohibits SUNY Poly admission applications from inquiring into an applicant’s prior criminal history. After acceptance, the College shall inquire if the student previously has been convicted of a felony if such individual seeks campus housing or participation in clinical or field experiences, internships or study abroad programs. The information required to be disclosed under SUNY policy regarding such felony convictions shall be reviewed by a standing campus committee consistent with the legal standards articulated in New York State Corrections Law.
Students who have previously been convicted of a felony are advised that their prior criminal history may impede their ability to complete the requirements of certain academic programs and/or to meet licensure requirements for certain professions. Students who have concerns about such matters are advised to contact the Vice President for Student Affairs Office at (315) 792-7505.