Community and Behavioral Health

CBH 290     Special Topics in Health and Well-Being (4)

Investigates a topic in health and well-being. Students may receive credit in future semesters for a different topic. Prerequisites: SOC 100 or SOC 110 and PSY 100.


CBH 375     Psychosocial Context of Health and Wellbeing (4)

Integrates psychological and sociological perspectives in understanding health and well-being. Examines topics such as health models, mind-body connections, stress/illness connection, stigma, environmental links to health, health policy, and social disparities/inequalities in health and well being. Prerequisites: STA 100 and CBH 475


CBH 440 Fundamentals of Grant Writing

Provides an overview of the fundamentals of grant writing, including locating funding sources, program design and program evaluation. Prerequisites: SOC 100, SOC 110 or Introductory SOC or ANT course.


CBH 490     Selected Topics in Health and Well-Being (4)

In-depth treatment of a topic in health and well-being. Student may receive credit in future semester for a different topic. Prerequisites: SOC 100 or SOC110 and PSY 100.


CBH 491     Independent Study in Health and Wellbeing (Variable 1-4)

Provides a structure for extensive study and/or directed research (under faculty supervision) on a topic. Application form must include a description of the project, its duration, educational goals, method for evaluation, and a suggested number of credits. Prerequisite: matriculated students only; permission of the Instructor.


CBH 492     Methods of Inquiry in Health and Well-Being (4)

First of a two-semester methods/capstone sequence, students will receive training in both qualitative and quantitative methods, as well as participate in a practicum experience related to health and well-being. Students will draft an individual research proposal to be implemented in the second semester of the sequence (CBH 493). Prerequisites: STA 100 and CBH 375.


CBH 493     Project Seminar in Health and Well-Being (4)

Second of a two-semester methods/capstone sequence in Community and Behavioral Health, students will continue with the practicum placement from CBH 492 and will carry out an individual research project in the area of health and well-being. Prerequisite: CBH 492.


CBH 495     Practicum in Health and Wellbeing (4)

Integrates academic and practical experience during a semester-long placement in a health/wellness setting. Emphasis on developing knowledge, skills, and competence as a professional. Project requirements will vary, based on the setting. Prerequisite: minimum of 3.0 GPA and permission of the Instructor.