Meet and Greet connects students with community

May 2018     No Comments

There were no superstitions or bad luck surrounding Friday the 13th for the College of Business Management (CBM), which hosted a successful meet and greet event to connect present and former SUNY Poly members with each other and the local business community.

Held in the Student Center Pub on April 13, light refreshments filled the menu as alumni, current students, and faculty had the opportunity to meet CBM’s new Professional Advisory Board members.

The professional Advisory Board is made up of various community members from a variety of businesses and organizations whose diverse background and achievements put them at the leading edge of their professions. Their collaboration with the CBM, its faculty, staff, and students aim to make the community more innovative and vibrant.

Members of the Professional Advisory Board include Dr. Robert Edgell (Associate Professor of Technology Management at SUNY Poly and Chair of the Leadership Council), Nicholas Alger (Director of New York State Technology Enterprise Corporation), Margaret G. Brown (President of Brown & Associations CPAs, P.C.), Steven Bulger (CEO and Executive Director of Kids Oneida, Inc.), Joseph Caruso (Communications Specialist and Planning Member), Anna D’Ambrosio (President and CEO of Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute), James Lombardo (Chief Operating Manager of AmeriCU Services, LLC), Arlan Purdy (Startup Specialist and Consultant), and Michele Salisbury (CFO and Director of Economic Development and Outreach Management for New York State Technology Enterprise Corporation).

“I received a wonderful education at SUNY Poly, (which was SUNYIT at the time), and I would like to be part of someone else having the same experience,” said Brown.

Her sentiments were echoed by Bulger, another SUNY Poly alum.

“The opportunity to give back while providing guidance, direction, and support for the CBM is a responsibility I’m honored to have,” Bulger said. “With the opportunities that are presenting themselves in the Mohawk Valley today, a well-trained and highly educated crop of business professional is critical.”

As part of SUNY Poly, the College of Business Management aims to be recognized as a premier business college at a public polytechnic institution by utilizing their resources to provide quality programs related to teaching, scholarship, societal responsibility, leadership, and service.

“We will achieve this vision by continuously improving programs as guided by principles that align with and support SUNY Poly’s broader vision, mission, values, and objectives,” says Dr. Edgell.

The event also gave students the chance to meet with potential future employers as well as ask the Professional Advisory Board questions. Alumni enjoyed reconnecting with fellow alums and local professionals, had the chance to meet prospective employees, and met with faculty, staff, and others in SUNY Poly community.

The CBM also announced its new LinkedIn Alumni site, with a first-hand demonstration. Attendees had the opportunity to be among the first to join the LinkedIn Alumni site as it launched.