ART 110      Principles of Two Dimensional Design (4)
A foundation studio course focusing on the visual dynamics of the two-dimensional picture plane, with special attention on the application of basic design principles to problem-solving in the fine and applied arts.  Explores a variety of hands-on techniques pertaining to image creation, manipulation, and construction including space, line, shape, value, texture, color, and their design relation to one another.  Combining technical and artistic skills, students will create 5-8 portfolio pieces.  Meets General Education The Arts requirement.

ART 120      Studio Art: Visual and/or Performing (2)
An introduction and hands-on experience with the style and techniques of a visiting artist. Suitable lecture/demonstration of background and personal approach to the work will be shared by the artist. Students in a studio/workshop type of environment will participate in sequential exercises designed to allow them adopt and adapt some of those stylistic elements and/or features in their own work (visual and/or performing). Meets new General Education Arts requirement.

ART 135      Drawing (2)
This is a beginning course in free‑hand drawing for the layperson.  The student will be guided through a sequence of lessons beginning with line quality, the vocabulary of lines, and proceed through drawing materials and techniques, foreshortening and shading. Emphasis will be placed on the representation of forms in drawing. Lessons will consist of lecture‑demonstrations, class work, and homework.  The expected result is to provide the student with more confidence in the self‑expression and appreciation of drawing.  Meets new General Education Arts requirement.

ART 140      Painting ‑ Technique & Style (4)
An investigation of visual art forms and techniques that influence and express qualities of American culture.  Aspects of design, color and style will be explored through studio experience, lecture, slides, and demonstrations, to enable the student to use the elements of line and color to create visual space on a flat surface.  Meets new General Education Arts requirement.

ART 341      Painting II – Techniques & Style (2)
Continuation of the investigation of visual art forms and techniques for students who wish to improve visual literacy.  Students will explore several major styles in the modern Western tradition, applying and experimenting with the brush and pigment techniques through which those styles are achieved.  Meets new General Education Arts requirement.

ART 350      History of American Art (4)
A survey of important trends and significant styles of American painting and sculpture from colonial times, including works of Sargent, Whistler, Homer, Inness, Johns, and Pollock.  Lectures, slides, and museum tours.  Meets new General Education Humanities or Arts requirement.