Devin Hurley '23 - Civil Engineering Technology

Name: Devin Hurley Hometown: Selden, NY Major: Civil Engineering Technology Graduation Year: 2023 Why did you choose SUNY Poly? The main thing that drew me to SUNY Poly was the class sizes and the school population, which was smaller than the rest of the universities that I was accepted to. I wanted a close relationship […]

Jae Fish '23 : Sociology

Name: Jae Fish Hometown: Schuylerville, NY Major: Sociology Minor: Criminal Justice Graduation Year: 2023   Why did you choose SUNY Poly? I choose SUNY Poly because of its small campus and class sizes. Why did you decide to pursue Sociology as a major? I hope to work in policy, and I thought studying Sociology would […]

Bailey Wadsworth '25 : Business Administration

Name: Bailey Wadsworth Hometown: Booneville, NY Major: Business Administration Graduation Year: 2025 Why did you choose SUNY Poly? I grew up locally but never thought I would end up here. The name of this “Polytechnic Institute” scared me as a business major. Once I toured and found out they had my major, I found my […]

Ryan Wood '22 - Civil Engineering Technology

Name: Ryan Wood Hometown: DeRuyter, NY Major: Civil Engineering Technology Graduation Year: 2022 Why did you choose SUNY Poly? I started as a student at Broome Community College in Binghamton, NY. After my time at SUNY Broome, I knew I wanted to continue my education. I talked to my professors and did some online research […]

Yuriy Milobog '22 : Biology

Name: Yuriy Milobog Hometown: Utica, NY Major: Biology Graduation Year: 2022 Yuriy is currently applying to medical schools. He also works as an RN at St. Luke’s hospital in Utica, NY. Why did you choose SUNY Poly? I chose SUNY Poly because, as a state institute, it was more affordable. Also, Poly is near my […]

Danielle Montalbano '23 : Civil Engineering Technology

  Name: Danielle Montalbano Hometown: Rome, NY Major: Civil Engineering Technology Graduation Year: 2023   Why did you choose SUNY Poly? It seemed like the best option, coming from a small high school to a smaller college. The small class size drew me in, and the campus is beautiful. The programs, both academically and otherwise, […]

Montana Wolf '22 - Electrical Engineering Technology

Name: Montana Wolf Hometown: Cincinnatus, New York Major: Electrical Engineering Technology Graduation Year: 2022 Why did you choose SUNY Poly? The lower cost for the same education as a private college was a driving factor for me. I loved the people and the small college atmosphere here at SUNY Poly. I was also recruited to […]

Anthony Rogosta '15: Civil Engeneering Technology

Name: Anthony Rogosta Major: Civil Engineering Technology Minor: Mathematics Graduation Year: 2015 Current position: Director of Engineering & Operations – ceEntek  North America  Why did you choose SUNY Poly? It was affordable, had great athletic facilities for a small school, and it was somewhat local.  Why did you choose your major(s)? What did you like about your […]

Jarrett Iannotti: Network & Computer Security

Name: Jarrett Iannotti Hometown: Glenville, NY Major: Network & Computer Security Minor: Computer Science Graduation Year: 2022 Jarrett is currently working for Booz Allen Hamilton, a government contract fir based in Washington, DC. He is currently working at their regional office on the former Griffis Airforce base in Rome, NY. Why did you choose SUNY […]

Joseph Killian '22: Accelerated BS/MS program in Computer Science

Name: Joseph Killian Hometown: Grand Island, NY Major(s): BS/MS Computer Science BS in Mathematics Graduation Year: Fall 2022 In January 2023, Joseph began his fully funded offer for the Computer Science Ph.D. program at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He intends to do research with deep learning using natural language processing and how that applies to problems […]

Alumni Q + A: Krysta Beha, Nursing, B.S. '18, Nursing Education, M.S. '22

Major: Nursing (B.S.), Nursing Education (M.S.)Hometown: Marcy, NYGraduation Month/Year: B.S. 2018, M.S. 2022 Krysta Beha is currently a Nursing Instructor at the St. Elizabeth College of Nursing. Why did you choose SUNY Poly?I chose SUNY Poly for the strong nursing program and for the opportunity to compete on the women’s lacrosse team as an undergraduate. […]

Experience Matters: Summer Internships

Summer is an excellent time for students to obtain practical experience in their field of study. Over the summer months, many SUNY Poly students choose to pursue an internship or other applied learning experience to satisfy a degree requirement, gain experience, and build connections with employers in careers they are interested in pursuing. Read about […]

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