Faculty in Focus: Dr. Adam McLain

“I knew I never wanted to have a normal job where I worked in an office all of the time,” says Dr. Adam McLain, associate professor of Biology at SUNY Polytechnic Institute. That realization eventually led him to graduate school at Louisiana State University, followed by his postdoctoral fellowship at the Henry Doorly Zoo in […]

From SUNY Poly to the United Nations: Computer and Information Science Department Visiting Professor Dr. Sherif Hashem

Most days, Dr. Sherif Hashem, a visiting professor in SUNY Poly’s Computer and Information Science department, can be found giving a lecture to college students. However, on September 13, his audience was a bit different. Dr. Hashem last month gave a talk on capacity building in the area of cybersecurity to a United Nations Open-Ended […]

Faculty Profile: Melissa Prest, College of Business Management

With a father in the military, Melissa Prest lived throughout the country as she grew up, from Washington to Kentucky, and Georgia to Hawaii, later returning to her birthplace of Utica, New York, when she was a teen after her father had finished serving. Receiving her associate’s degree with honors from Mohawk Valley Community College, […]

Faculty Profile: Dr. Shahedipour-Sandvik - Nanoengineering for Harsh Environments

As nanoengineering professor and interim dean of graduate studies at SUNY Polytechnic Institute (SUNY Poly), Dr. Fatemeh (Shadi) Shahedipour-Sandvik’s research aims to improve electronic devices by fabricating them with the right characteristics to work well even in the harshest environments, such as in space or inside a jet engine. Shahedipour-Sandvik and her team are able to make […]

Faculty Profile: Katie Matt - Adviser, Faculty Member, Alumna

When Katie Matt was a student in SUNY Poly’s accounting programs, she originally had her sights set on business. The experiences she’s undergone, though, have made teaching others her business, and brought her right back to where she learned it all – the hallways of SUNY Poly. “I appreciate the reaction students have when a […]

Faculty Profile: Brent McCallum, Accountancy

Dubai, Thailand, Mexico, Cyprus, Vietnam, Chile, France, and the Netherlands. Those are but a handful of countries and locales Brent McCallum, CPA, has visited over the course of his long and distinguished career, earning the SUNY Poly Assistant Professor of Accounting the apt nickname Mr. Worldwide. “I began as a Psychology major at San Diego […]

Faculty Profile: Dr. Andrea Dziubek, Applied Mathematics

From the capital of Germany to the rolling hills of Indiana, Dr. Andrea Dziubek has brought her specialty in Applied Mathematics around the world. And now she brings that knowledge, along with her worldwide experiences, to SUNY Poly as an Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics. “My colleagues here at SUNY Poly are great, with expertise […]

Faculty Profile: Dr. Timothy Busch, Systems Engineering

In the sky, on the ground, and in the classroom, Dr. Timothy Busch has been putting the ideas of systems engineering to work and to the test most of his adult life. It was his interest in technology, particularly electronics, that led him to enlist in the United States Air Force as an aircraft electronics […]

Faculty Profile: Dr. Kathleen Rourke, Nursing

She’s spent more than two decades in academia, holds two bachelor’s degrees, two master’s degrees, a PhD and has a Certification in Education. She’s worked with institutions all across the United States and throughout her travels served as faculty, a Dean, Associate Dean, VPAA, on a Board of Trustees, and been a Chair of a […]

Faculty Profile: Dr. Lisa Berardino, Human Resource Management

“Are there mountains around Utica? I am looking for mountains…” It was with those words that Dr. Lisa Berardino, a New Orleans native with a doctoral degree from Virginia Tech, contemplated the job offer in what would soon become her home for nearly two decades. The job offer at SUNY Polytechnic Institute came following a […]

Portraits of Hope Exhibit Features Refugees in Central New York

They come from all over the world to make their home in the City of Utica and its surrounding areas. And now their faces, their lives, their stories are a sight to behold at a photography exhibit at the area’s most prestigious museum – an exhibit that owes its creation to a SUNY Polytechnic Institute […]

Faculty Profile: Lena Bertone's Works Published

Lena Bertone teaches English and communications on SUNY Poly’s Utica campus. When she’s not teaching and helping others to hone their ability to tell stories, she’s writing them herself, with two books seeing publication recently. Behind This Mirror, published in January, is a collection of short pieces she had published in online and print magazines […]

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