Oriskany Room Virtual Tour Text-Only Version

Each bed is a twin extra long bed. When you bring sheets make sure they are XL or extra long so they fit.

Every student has access to four dresser drawers in the room. The dresser is stackable if the student wishes to pull them out from under the bed.

Every room has a built in shade that students can pull down to block out light and for privacy.

All of the rooms in Oriskany are carpeted.

Every room comes with two desks, one for each student in the room.

You will find a desk chair that goes with every desk in the room.

Two built in closets are in the room for residents to use to store clothes.

Each room is equipped with two floor lamps. Each desk also has a light built into the shelf. You can bring other lamps with you.

This is Walter T. Wildcat, he is the SUNY Poly Mascot!