Scholarship Reinstatement Appeal Form

Current and returning students must use this form to request a one-time reinstatement of their financial aid (federal, state and/or institutional) within two weeks of receiving notification that their eligibility was lost. All requests will be reviewed by the Financial Aid Appeals Committee and students will be notified via their campus email account of the decision. This appeal must be submitted by the student (not a student representative, parent or guardian) and incomplete forms will not be accepted. All of the documentation submitted in support of the appeal will be held confidential and becomes the property of SUNY Poly.
  • Which form(s) of aid are you requesting reinstatement of? * Required
  • I understand that by submitting this appeal form, I certify that all of the information that I've provided is true and complete. I understand that I am applying for a one-time appeal of the loss of my Federal, New York State, and/or Institutional financial aid awards. I understand that the above documentation requirements are necessary for my appeal to be reviewed and that SUNY Poly has the right to request additional documentation. * Required