Registrar Form: Brightspace Section Consolidation Request

Registrar Form: Brightspace Section Consolidation Request

Courses should not be merged once the semester has started. Merging a course once the class has started will cause the content to remain in the individual classes and the Master class will be empty. Also, if the individual classes contains any student submissions, they will be lost.

  • • Faculty may use this form to request a consolidation of multiple Banner course sections to be merged into one Brightspace shell.
  • • Only the instructor listed in Banner may request to have courses combined in Brightspace. If multiple instructors are involved, contact your Dean before submitting this form.
  • • This form will be sent to your Dean for approval. If approved, it will be forwarded to Registrar to process.
  • • A copy of this form will be sent to the person completing the form. It will be sent from the "" e-mail address.
  • • Once students have access to the Brightspace shell, the sections cannot be separated.

  • If you do not know your CRN or section numbers, please refer to your personal schedule available in BannerWeb.
    CRNCourse Subject and Number (e.g., COM 200, PHY 101T, etc.)Section (e.g., 01, 01A, 11, 35H, 35W etc.) 

  • Notes:

    • This request will be forwarded to your Dean for approval.
    • If your Dean approves the request, s/he will forward the information to Registrar to update the information in Banner. This is done manually.
    • Once Banner is updated, the update process (which runs daily at 6am, 12pm, and 5pm ET) will create the master course in BlackBoard and will connect the requested sections. The master course is empty when it is created. The content from the connected sections will need to be copied into the master course. Discussion posts are copied into the master course as ANONYMOUS.
    • Once students have access to the merged Brightspace course, you cannot decouple the sections.
    • If you decide that you wish to decouple the sections before the start of the term, please send an email to with all of the pertinent section information (department, number, section, CRN).


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