FERPA Authorization for SUNY Poly CNSE Visitor Clearance Process

Per the policy of NY CREATES, the owner and operator of the buildings at the SUNY Poly Albany Nanotech Complex, due to the sensitive research activities conducted at the site, all non-US persons who wish to enter the complex will be required to undergo a clearance check through NY CREATES’ Visitor Management System. This clearance check will be completed at no cost to students (or others), takes approximately 2 weeks to process, and must be completed prior to a student's arrival to the US. To proceed with the clearance check SUNY Poly’s International Admissions Office will need to provide certain information to NY CREATES, including some directory information (e.g., name) and the following FERPA protected information, which requires SUNY Poly to obtain your permission prior to sharing it with NY CREATES. The information we need your permission to share is: your country of citizenship and visa type.

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