Faculty/Staff Directories

Please use this form to create and/or update your directory listing. If you are a NEW faculty/staff member please complete all sections. If you already have a directory listing, please complete only the sections where updates are needed. Thank you.

  • If you go by something other than your first/last name, please enter it here. (e.g. George Washington Carver → G.W. Carver)
  • Please enter your job title.
  • Please enter the building where your office is located. If you have an office in both locations, enter your PRIMARY location first. (i.e. NFE/Kunsela Hall)
  • Please enter your office room number.
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  • Please select your college (if applicable).
  • Include area code.
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  • Enter any additional information you would like to appear on your directory listing (education, expertise, publications, presentations, etc.)
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