Emergency Fund Scholarship Application

Please complete the following questions to the best of your ability, providing as much detail as possible telling us why you are requesting emergency funding from the SUNY Poly Foundation. Your statement of need should clearly define your immediate and current emergency, and describe the life circumstances that have contributed to this situation.


    The Student Emergency Fund provides grants for SUNY Polytechnic Institute students to pay for unforseen urgent financial expenses, including those associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. The need must threaten the student's ability to stay in school.

    All questions must be answered in order for your application to be completed and submitted.


    • housing changes or threat of eviction
    • medical emergency
    • domestic violence
    • theft
    • loss or change in employment
    • transportation
    • computer repair
    • back up childcare
    • family abandonment
  • Statement of Need

  • You must show evidence of expense (ex: bill).

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